Do not listen to your friends! Listen only to the aftercare given by the artist that gave you your tattoo! 
The following directions are specific to Minnesota Menace and the way he tattoos.


Aftercare supplies needed:   
  • Soap – Dial liquid antibacterial soap in a pump. (Unscented)
  • Ointment – Aquaphor
  • Lotion – Currell, Lubriderm, or Eucerin.  *Must be plain and unscented!


Starting Day 1:

  • Remove your bandage after 3 hours

(If busy take off when you are able to wash it).

  • Gently wash with clean hands and Dial brand liquid antibacterial soap.
  • After washing your tattoo apply a thin layer of Aquaphor.

**Do NOT: Re-bandage once the original bandage has been removed!


Days 2 & 3:

  • Gently wash your tattoo with the antibacterial soap 2-3 times a day.
  • After washing your tattoo apply a thin layer of Aquaphor.


Until completely healed:

  • With clean hands apply a thin layer of unscented lotion 2-3 times a day or whenever it’s dry.




Absolutely NO:

  • Direct sun, tanning, soaking, swimming, hot tubs, or baths until healed completely. (Short showers are ok).
  • Picking, rubbing, scratching, or itching your tattoo! Let the flakes fall off on their own.

**If you have questions or concerns about your healing, please stop in the shop and speak to your artist.  It is much easier to see in person what is going on rather than over the phone. 

**At the first sign of infection we will advise you to consult a health care professional.


*No lotion or ointment should be visible on the surface of the skin.  If you drag your finger across it and it leaves streaks, you are using too much.