Most of the site should be up and running correctly now. I know the formatting of the aftercare page is wonky and I will clean that up this week.

It feels good to know that I am back online and my information is back up. I still need to:

Add shop address/maps
Add graphics to the twitch packages
Add more tattoo pictures, especially newer ones.
Add more music to the music area
Other various tweaks and optimizations.


  1. Looks good I will keep checking in

  2. I’m sad our art on my body isn’t on here

    1. Author

      It will be, when I get all the photoshoot pictures done. You need to come in here and see me!

  3. I may want to add on to the tattoo that you did for me a while back. wondering what your schedule/openings may be for Friday/Saturday this weekend.

    1. Author

      I am sorry, I just saw this. For contact in the future, please email menacedoesink@gmail.com My spam filter for the site stopped this one from showing.

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